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January, 2008


26 - 30th on January, 2008 Port Luis, Mauritius

Belt Wrestling Demonstration.

February, 2008

This month has no scheduled events.

March, 2008


19 - 25th on March, 2008, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

“Play for Peace”. 2nd Asian Belt Wrestling & Ju-jitsu Championships, training camp: Sports for Development and Peace. Round table. Tree planting action. Asian Federation congress.

April, 2008


4 - 6th on April, 2008 Moscow, Russia

International Belt Wrestling Tournament (freestyle), memories of Olympic Champion S.Safin.

May, 2008


19 - 21st on May, 2008 Moscow, Russia

The Russian open Championships in opened weight category (freestyle). Winning fund 15, 000 $

June, 2008


5th - 9th on June, 2008 Mariupol, Ukraine

The European Festival of Traditional Wrestling Sports, the European Belt Wrestling Championships and the European Championships of the Ukrainian National Wrestling.

July, 2008


15 - 25th on July, 2008 Yakutsk, Russia

IV International sports youthful games « Children of Asia » 2008

August, 2008


8 - 12th August, 2008 Denmark

The international Festival of Traditional Wrestling Sports. 1st Glima World Championships, International Belt Wrestling Tournament.

September, 2008

This month has no scheduled events.

October, 2008


27th October - 2nd on November, 2008 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The Federation Cup, the International Belt Wrestling Tournament (classical and free style).


12 15 October Moscow/Russia

1st Youth Festival on Traditional Wrestling Sports, 1st World Cadet Belt-Wrestling Championships, CIGEPS working group "Sport and Culture" meeting, Youth Forum


18 - 26 October 2008, Bali, Indonesia

1st Asian Beach&Martial Arts Games

November, 2008


18-25 November, 2008 Lome, Togo

The World Festival of Traditional Sports and Games. Play for Peace. 3rd World Festival of Traditional Wrestling Sports: 7th Belt Wrestling World Championships (free and classical style). 1st World African Wrestling Championships. 2nd African Belt Wrestling Championships. Conference of Traditional Sports and Game. Tree planting. Training camp.

December, 2008


8 - 10th on December, 2008 Moscow, Russia

The International Wrestling Festival, Cadets.


12 - 15th December, 2008 Moscow, Russia

The Cadet World Festival of Traditional Wrestling Sports: 1st Cadet Belt Wrestling World Championships, the Leaderships Youthful Forum.