Hall Of Fame

Dr. Rif Gaynanov

Dr. Rif Gaynanov

(May 14, 1958 - November 14, 2009) 

Place of Birth:  Octiabrsky/Bashkortostan/Russia

Founder new sport discipline – modern belt wrestling: belt wrestling free and classical styles, female belt wrestling, beach belt wrestling, snow belt wrestling.  

President All Russian Belt Wrestling Federation (2003 – 2009)

President International Belt Wrestling Federation/Association (2003 – 2009)

President International Association on Traditional Wrestling Sports (2005 – 2009)

CIGEPS/UNESCO consultant on TSG (2007 – 2009) 


"Belt wrestling is a priceless heritage in which it is concluded not only beautiful action but also the deep spiritual beginning!"

Rif Gaynanov was a former World Greco-Roman Cup Winner and despite his sporting achievements was modest and friendly. He died too soon, but his achievements were inspiring and he left a legacy, which will endure, the revalorization of the oldest combat sport in the world: belt wrestling

Rif Gaynanov was a visionary; he tried to create a world in which traditional styles, so culturally important around the world, were given, at long last after one hundred years and thirteen years of Olympic style dominance, their true place in the sun. He promoted the belt wrestling worldwide but he never at any time disparaged the Olympic styles, and inspired the development of an international belt style, which reflects the features of all belt wrestling styles.

There are many types of traditional belt wrestling in the world, but by developing belt wrestling general rules under leadership of Dr. Rif Gaynanov, IBWA became real home for all types of traditional belt wrestling in the world and common platform for developing and promoting new-old sport discipline – belt wrestling.


Rif Gaynanov, his dedicated team, and belt wrestling, were recognized at the highest level in Ufa in October 2007 when President Putin of the Russian Federation and President Rakhimov of Bashkortostan attended the 6th world championships in the magnificent new ‘Ufa-Arena’.


Rif GAYNANOV - "To live it to struggle, struggle it to live"

Rif GAYNANOV - "Wrestling is My Life"