IBWA is an organisation that serves as an international platform for popularizing and developing traditional wrestling/ belt wrestling throughout the world irrespective of race and political followings. The Association takes part in the exchanging of know-how, knowledge, information and data referring to the traditional wrestling/ belt wrestling which, in turn, contributes to its development and popularization on local, national, regional and international levels.  

IBWA (International Belt Wrestling Association) is an officially registered international governmental body for belt wrestling sport. IBWA was re-registered in Moscow in April 2006 with the line of congress decision in September 2005 in Kazan, during the 4th Belt Wrestling World Championships. IBWA is associate member of IATWS (International Association of Traditional Wrestling Sports), official UNESCO partner. Belt Wrestling is IBWA’s registered domain under the law of Russian federation. 

There are many types of traditional belt wrestling in the world, but by developing belt wrestling general rules under leadership of Dr. Rif Gaynanov (†) former President, IBWA became real home for all types of traditional belt wrestling in the world and common platform for developing and promoting new-old sport discipline – belt wrestling.

Today the Association govern different belt wrestling disciplines: free style, classical style, female belt wrestling, beach belt wrestling, snow belt wrestling in five age group: cadets, juniors, students, seniors and veterans in 12 weight categories (7 for men and 5 for women).

All IBWA events are under IATWS/UNESCO patronage with the line of IOC vision which include seven components: sport – belt wrestling competition, culture – folklore youth festival and competition on local traditional wrestling style, science – scientific UNSECO conference on developing and promotion of traditional sport and game, environment – tree planting action “Plant for Planet” or beach cleaning action with art exhibition, sport for development and peace – training seminars between border conflict / post-war countries under slogan “Play for Peace”, healthy lifestyle promotion - Olympic mile “Fun Run”, youth – youth leadership forum “ New generation of leaderships”.

International Association is new modern, integrative, dynamic, developing organization, which leading new generation of International sport federation / association takes social responsibility, with due attention to youth. IBWA/IATWS became integrative part from modern society and play key roles in the society for social-economic development, cultural heritage promotion, environmental sustainability,  healthy life style and peace building process.