Youth Wing

“From B.E.S.T. in Sport to B.E.S.T.  for Life”– Our Worldwide Social & Environmental Commitment 

We reorganize our worldwide projects in triple system: “Play for Peace” (Peace education, Peace building, Peace promotion); “Play for Planet” (Clean soil, Clean water, Clean air/sky); “Play for Life” (Healthy individual); Healthy lifestyle, Healthy nation).

Recalling Joint Statement by Head of UN Entities for IYY under the theme “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding we decide to contribute our experience and base on our Youth program create “Play for Fun” division, which will include: “Youth leaderships”, “Youth network”, with the centre in Dar –a- Salaam / Tanzania; “Youth wing”, with the centre in Lahore/Pakistan.

All our initiative are worldwide call to action, join us, together we have the power to change the world!!! We are coming with green management system, 100% financial visibility and 100% personal responsibility!!! Do you want to change the world?  Do you want to be a leader? If yes, your place with us!


Acting President

IBWA/IATWS Environmental and Sustainable Development Commitment

The momentum created during the 2007 “Plant for Planet” and World Conference on “Sport and Environment” continues to withstand the socio-economic downturn.   The IBWA/IATWS environmental agenda increases the efforts to promote environmental sustainability and eliminate the barriers to provide education in order to deliver harmonious co-existence of body (physical development), mind (educational component), spirit (life skills) and environment.  Carrying for the environment became an important part of IBWA/IATWS activities. All four events are planned, managed and focused on collective responsibility of those involved in sport to establish a dialogue on importance of the environment in daily life and personal contribution to protect it and promote environmental education by taking an active part in actions such as tree planting or beach cleaning.

“Creation”- beach cleaning action and art exhibition in cooperation with local diving clubs and art schools, using the trash collected as the materials for the art exhibit.   UNEP and IBWA/IATWS hopes that using the universal language of art, by sharing artists' sensitivity to the plight of the planet in works of art ranging from ancient and indigenous objects to contemporary forms... Sport and environment become our full-time working area with the projects: “Plant for Planet” and “Creation”- implemented worldwide.  

Painting by Eve Lieberman

Eve Lieberman, 5 y.