Second Chance

Second Chance

Second Chance

The "Second Chance" project pairs up needy children from underprivileged backgrounds with university students who act as their tutors, giving the child personal attention (often sorely lacking) and serving as a role model.

The project is based on the values of sport; therefore the children will be involved in training, in addition to other activities. 

The care that children receive from their mentors helps them realize their potential and blossom into motivated individuals. 

The Goals

Second Chance* To enrich and improve the lives of children of all sectors of society, from underprivileged backgrounds, by a warm and caring relationship with a personal mentor.

* To help university students meet the cost of higher education, by providing partial scholarships and/or academic credits in return for their work with children.

* To allow university students (the country's future leaders) to experience some of the country's most pressing social problems, thus helping to narrow the gaps in society.

* To promote tolerance and understanding among different sectors of society through joint activities. 

Who Are The Mentees?

Second ChanceChildren from a disadvantaged socio-economic background, often suffering from educational, emotional and behavioral difficulties.

We also provide mentors to children with disabilities, children whose fathers are in jail, disadvantaged high school students who need help to prepare for their matriculation exams, dyslexic or blind university students.

We believe that personal development, social inclusion and academic achievements are all attainable for these children.