Unusual banking situations

This article is different from other. It does not provide any boring financial information. But it helps to learn about banking more in a quite simple form. So, let’s consider some unusual events happened with banks.

1. In times of the Great Depression, one gangster robbed the bank and destroyed a mortgage papers. As a result a lot of people got rid of debts to the bank.

2. The one funny incident happened in 1995. The offender robbed 2 banks thinking that lemon juice capable to makes his face invisible on cameras. But it did not help him.

3. Not so long ago banks had a right to refuse providing woman with a credit card unless she got married and her husband signed for a card. Moreover, divorced women were considered as unreliable because failed to save the marriage.

4. North Carolina has an incident when one old man robbed the bank for a 1 dollar to be sent in prison. By this way he tried to receive free healthcare.

5. In 2008, the robber used the form of workers who did repairs in the bank and committed robbery. He managed to hide.

6. It was happened in Washington. One day a bank had refused a man to stamp his parking bill for 50 cents due to the fact that he was badly dressed. After that, he withdrew more than a million dollars from the account and left the bank.

7. Japan has an incident when, after a bank robbery of $ 5.5 million, the attackers sent a letter to the bank where they thanked them for the money.

8. Bank of England has unusual vault key. Its length is 3 feet.

9. Do you know that Italian banks can take as collateral for a loan? It is a cheese, really.

10. Deutsche Bank has the index finger horizontally under the nose which symbolize Hitler’s mustache.

11. There is a historical fact that the vault made in the U.S. withstood the explosion of atomic bomb in Hiroshima. Later its manufacturer received a letter of thanks.

12. In the history of robberies, a gang called The Pink Pantners was noted. They committed their crimes dressed in unusual and crazy fashion.

13. Several years ago one man pretending to be CIA agent could provoke people to rob a bank in order to test a bank’s security.

14. Pablo Escobar had so much illegal money that he had to keep it in warehouses, where mice gnawed $ 100 bills.

15. One man addressed to the wizard and asked him to make him invisible. He was very surprised when he was caught by security service.

16. A curious case happened when a 9-year-old boy was able to rob a bank with a toy gun.

As you can see banking is not always boring. There are many situations that make you smile.